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There once was a young fox, part of an infamous family within its woods. They were merciless, always going after the helpless animals around them.  The young red fox thought greatly of itself. One day the young red fox saw a hunter walking within the woods. "Fight me hunter. I'll kill you and bring you back to my family." The young fox said to the tall man. The man chuckled, "Or perhaps I will take you to MY family." He threw a net over the young fox with ease and slung him over his back. The young fox started to panic. "Help me family!" it cried, but the other red foxes, who saw this happen just ran away, too concerned with their own lives. The young fox started to weep. A small rabbit came forth out of the woods. The rabbit jumped on the hunter, thinking it harmless he just chuckled. But the rabbit, clever and swift, climbed his leg to his arm, and his arm to his face. The rabbit scratched at the hunters face. "Stop it! Stop it!" The hunter cried, and dropped the young fox, flailing his arms at the rabbit on his face. The rabbit and fox left the hunter, running away into the woods. "Why would you help me when I always think myself better than you, and my family hurts yours?" The fox asked, confused. The rabbit just looked at him and said "Why would I not?"

It's the small and meek who do the great things, not the arrogant.
Made it up on the spot o.o

EX-Nightmare Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
I have to say, this is a wonderful short tale and it has a valuable lesson in this one as well.
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May 31, 2010
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